Uncommon Gifts

Uncommon Gifts for a Spirited Holiday Season

December 11, 2018

The holidays come the same time every year, yet we struggle as to what to give our nearest and dearest and, of course, we always wait until last minute.

You shop online and pay for expedited shipping in order for the gift to arrive in a timely fashion.

You don’t really like the gift you finally decided to give, but you had to get something.

You had to pay extra for gift wrapping since you never saw or touched the present you purchased.

This doesn’t sound like much of holiday cheer.  I hope you were at least listening to Christmas music (with a glass of wine in hand) while you were late night binge shopping to make your holiday shopping situation somewhat tolerable.

Do you want to know how to eliminate this painful process of what should be a merry moment in gift giving?

Do you want to feel like you got your money’s worth instead of feeling like you just threw a huge amount of pennies off the boat instead of a quick toss while leaving Nantucket?

First and foremost, shop locally.

Who doesn’t want a gift from their favorite island?

Why wouldn’t you want to get a visual on the quality of the product you are purchasing?  (Side note: you can try before you buy at our holiday wine tasting events, just saying…)

BONUS ->Why not get more red tickets for another chance to win ca$h prize$ on Chri$stmas Eve?

But just what to get for those on your list?  My father told me years ago, and I tell people his famous (at least to me) quote every Christmas, “If I can’t eat it or drink, I don’t want it.”  Period, end.  The man has spoken.  Thus, I heed his advice in any gift-giving situation where I may be stumped for an answer as to what to gift.

Instead of getting a not-so-special bottle of wine that they have everyday anyway, show up like no one else and give something unordinary that they wouldn’t normally buy.   Don’t forget to include the user manual with the gift, i.e. add to the festivities by also providing a few fun cocktail recipes to showcase some delicious concoctions that can be made with your gift.

Here’s a quick list of Uncommon Gift suggestions that will add festive flair to any bar cart or back bar. 


Legend has it that you can’t have a fire in your fireplace on Christmas Eve, else Santa will burn his bum coming down your chimney!  To replace the lovely smell of the fire or burning coal, enjoy a nip of Casamigos Mezcal instead. While tequila and mezcal are both made from the agave plant and must come from Mexico, mezcal is unique in that the plant is roasted in the ground before being distilled.  Casamigos is made from 100 percent Espadin agave from Santiago Matatlán in Oaxaca, Mexico.  This type of agave absorbs smoke more in the distilling process, giving it the lovely charred, smoky aspect that mezcals are known for.   Easily mix with a squeeze of lime and some simple syrup over ice for a cocktail to help keep you toasty warm!

For your landscaper who likes their drinks earthy!

CHRISTMTriple Eight Distillery Huicox Coffee LiqueurAS MORNING JAVA

Who doesn’t love a little splash of something in their coffee on Christmas morning?  Instead of a high-calorie cream based addition, add a dash of Triple Eight Huixoc Coffee Liqueur instead.  Pronounced ‘we-shock,’ this beauty came into existence when espresso martinis for dessert were the big rage on island.  Fast forward to today and this coffee liqueur is so delicious it can simply be poured over ice for enjoyment.  The slightly bitter taste from the Guatemalan coffee beans blends perfectly with the sweetness of Nicaraguan rum.  Christmas morning never tasted so good!

For your coffee-loving friend from the office.




If anyone knows how to celebrate Christmas, it’s the Italians.  From the feast of the seven fishes to il pannetone, and lots of food in between, you will need something to drink along the way.  L’Aperitivo Galliano is the perfect combo that is bitter and amaro, all wrapped up in one nice little package.  Extracts and infusions of Mediterranean citrus, such as bergamots, bitter oranges, chinotto, tangerines and grapefruits, blend together to make this Italian aperitvo.  Add a splash of bubbly wine and an orange peel for a Galliano Spritz!

For your fellow book-club members!



GATHDrumshanbo Gunpowder Irish GinER ROUND EVERYONE

The spirit of Christmas is one where everyone is welcome, family or not, and bringing together people who may not be related to each other at all.   This is the essence of Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin where in curiosity led to the creation of this hand-made, slow distilled gin.  It is made with nature’s finest oriental botanicals with gunpowder tea in a tiny town in Ireland from where it gets its namesake.  This can be used for the classic Gin & Tonic, a stiff, dry martini served chilled in a tall, sleek martini glass, or in a number of contemporary cocktails.

For your exercise classmates who see the real you every morning!



Now is the time to take action and complete your holiday shopping with ease.  Not only do you have a handful of creative, memorable suggestions, the spirited elves at Épernay Wine & Spirits will be happy to gift-wrap your presents purchased there for free.  That’s right, no additional charge.  The opportunity to show your appreciation for those who help make your life easier couldn’t be easier, especially since we deliver anywhere on island for your convenience as well.

Here’s raising a glass and toasting you for your thoughtfulness and creativity while gift giving this time of year!