Sun’s Out Rum’s Out

August 16, 2016

Summer is in full swing and so are the cocktail soirées. Whether you are meeting up with friends who have just arrived on island, après la plage with the family or cocktails and sunset before dinner, there isn’t a lack of excuses to partake and enjoy a refreshing cocktail concoction. Since it is summer and the sun happens to be out, no better time to also bring the rum out!

Rum is synonymous with island living. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be an island full of palm trees in order to take advantage of the benefits of rum drinking, but an island that just happens to be surrounded by water with a culture of sun, sand, surf and sometimes a little sailing, fishing or other various watersports.

The summertime kick-off Figawi race, held annually on Memorial Day weekend, is a boat race from Hyannis to Nantucket. A prized possession of the top sailors is the distinctive and coveted red Mount Gay Rum baseball hat, a rum brand that is one of the major sponsors of the regatta. Mount Gay is a craft rum with a generations long history, dating back to the 1700’s making it the oldest existing rum brand in the world. It is also closely associated with sailing and a preference among sailors in its lengthy history.

mtgayWhile you may not be an avid sailor (or even like being on a boat), you can enjoy the pleasures of this rum in the aptly named Mt. Gay Cocktail. This simple, easy-drinking libation consists of Mt. Gay Rum and coconut water served on the rocks with a splash of pineapple juice and a lime wedge.   Just hum a Jimmy Buffett tune for some added ambiance and you will feel like you are in the Caribbean instead of New England.






Gosling's Bermuda Black Seal RumFor another uncomplicated and well-known rum drink, there are numerous variations to the traditional ‘Dark ‘N Stormy.’ Where dark refers to richness of dark rum, the stormy is in reference to the spiciness of ginger beer, a naturally sweetened carbonated non-alcoholic beverage. Most commonly used for the dark rum is Gosling’s Black Seal from Bermuda, where the drink’s name originated in reference to the tempests visible out to sea. These two simple ingredients are served over ice and garnished with a lime wedge to add a refreshing citrus component. Please keep in mind that this drink can be consumed rain or shine, although the name would lead you to think otherwise.




Privateer RumIt is no island secret that watching the sunset on Nantucket is a favored pastime of generations young and old. Wherever happens to be your ultimate location for watching the breathtaking view of the sun as it falls into the horizon, you can drink your worries away by sipping on the ‘Painkiller.’ Think of this drink as a piña colada on the rocks with a splash of orange juice. This rum cocktail is trademarked as the signature drink of Pusser’s Rum, which is historically known as the Royal Navy rum of Her Majesty’s ships from Britain, however this can be substituted with any rum of your choice. For a closer to home flair on this Caribbean inspired drink, we recommend locally produced, top-shelf Privateer Silver Rum mixed with four parts pineapple juice, one part cream of coconut and one part orange juice. Shake all the ingredients together and serve over ice. The icing on the cake is a generous amount of nutmeg freshly grated on top to garnish your final product. Legend has it that this drink was created by a bartender at the Soggy Dollar Bar located on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. If you haven’t made it to this destination bar yet, put it on your list for a fun day in the sun and you will soon learn where the bar got its name.

Rumson's Grand ReserveWhile this is just a beginning collection of favorite rum based drinks, sometimes the rum is just too good to be mixed and perfect for sipping on its own. Enter Rumson’s Grand Reserve Rum. A custom blend of fine aged Caribbean rums finished in a New England rum house, this full-bodied sipping rum is remarkably smooth and delicious. You will surely have a hard time keeping it for yourself, as it is remarkable enough that you will want to share.

No matter where your island hopping and rum sampling adventures may take you, keep in mind to savor your sun and rum experiences. May they both be smooth, sweet and memorable!