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July 25, 2019

One of the amazing things about being on Nantucket is that having a lunch date as a party of one is sometimes just what you need.  For those of you who are working all summer long, it is nice to just grab a sandwich and a cold one on your own, not having to talk to anyone else.  Others have been entertaining family non-stop day and night, and they need some “me” time with a salad and a sip of wine without the backtalk, sass, or unwanted advice.  Whatever your current situation may be for a little quiet time meal on your own, Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzie will point you in the right direction for a delicious bite to eat and the perfect libation in which to wash it down with.


Laurent Perrier La Cuvée 187 mlWhen the word “burger” is mentioned, most people think of the one made from beef.  However, this is not the only kind available, and there is a new kid in town who will make you think of a burger in a whole new light.  THE BEET NANTUCKET, located at 9 S Water Street, has brought it’s A-Game to the island with their delicious, healthier option of a CHICKEN BURGER.  This beauty is made from fresh ground chicken, topped with a slice of cheddar, spread with an umami glaze and basil mayo for added goodness, with a handful of sweet pickles and a yummy potato bun.   For those of you who are gluten-free, there is a GF bun option available as well, so you don’t miss out on any of this meal!  Remember to also order a side of their crinkle fries, so good that you won’t want to share!

When it comes to what to drink with your tasty burger, who says you need to have a special occasion to celebrate in order to pop a bottle of bubbly?  Not here on Nantucket, that’s for sure, where we are grateful everyday for what this incredible island has to offer us, with warm days and gorgeous sunsets day in and day out this time of year.   If you choose to dine in at The Beet (on-line ordering and to-go options are available for food and non-alcoholic beverages), sit, relax and enjoy a single size serving of LAURENT PERRIER CUVÉE BRUT in a convenient 187 ml size.  This family owned Champagne house packs quality and consistency in this small package.  The fine bubbles and acidity are the perfect match to the texture of the chicken burger and rainbow of flavors with all the toppings.   Alcohol is available here for consumption on-premise only.  If you choose to get your burger to-go, your perfect beverage pairing is available chilled as well from Épernay Wine & Spirits, just a few blocks away on your way to Jetties Beach.


Bridge Lane Rosé in a CanTimes are changing for a long-standing staple in the Nantucket restaurant scene on Centre Street. CENTRE STREET BISTRO will be closing the door at their current location come September, however is looking for a new location.  This classic BYOB restaurant has served the community well with its honest, uncomplicated, creative food.  Make the most of it this summer and enjoy their delightful BISTRO SALAD from their lunch menu.   This salad of romaine lettuce and sliced chicken breast it chock full of apples, blue cheese, and toasted walnuts.

A perfect accompaniment to this scrumptious salad would be BRIDGE LANE ROSÉ in a CAN.  Bridge Lane Wine is a second label for Lieb Cellars, based on the North Fork of Long Island in New York.  This fun brand is changing the way you think about wine, by making very good wine in an alternative package.  This can is 375 ml in size, equivalent to two full glasses of wine.  Notes of of guava and peach blossom are followed by flavors of strawberry and watermelon.  Hip, hip, rosé to this easy, ready to drink Cabernet Franc-based wine!



Archer Roose Malbec in a CanWhile quality ingredients are important to the inside of a sandwich, you must start with a solid base. SOMETHING NATURAL is more than just a sandwich shop, they are a family-owned bakery offering a wide variety of bread options to choose from for your personalized sandwich experience. Located just on the outskirts of town on Cliff Road, this lovely eatery has plenty of room to enjoy your sandwich al fresco in their yard or call ahead for quick to-go service. Each sandwich here is made to order with your choose of bread, fillings, and toppings – it is rare that any two sandwiches are alike.  Enjoy a ROAST BEEF SANDWICH on rye, with mayonnaise, carrots, hot peppers, and a slice of swiss cheese.

For this heartier, working man’s type of lunch, enjoy ARCHER ROOSE MALBEC in a CAN as your beverage of choice.  While Malbec is French in origin, it is more well-known for its offerings from Mendoza, Argentina.  You will discover notes of blackberry and cherry on the nose with light to moderate tannin on the palate.  The sleek 250 ml packaging makes it easy to handle and is equivalent to 1/3 of a bottle, or just a bit more than a typical sized glass of wine.  Perfect for an early dinner option as well!


Maine Beer Company Woods & WatersFor those looking for a seafood option for their lunchtime fare, SAYLE’S SEAFOOD is right up your alley.  This family owned Nantucket fish market offers fresh fish, shellfish, clambakes, lobsters, chowder, and more.  They are located at the end of the Washington Street Extension, a small jaunt outside of town along the water of the harbor.  This mainly take-out joint does over limited seating on their front porch with views of the water.  A trip to the island would not be complete without having at least one LOBSTER ROLL.  This one weighs in at 1/3 of a pound and is never frozen, served with a side of potato chips and coleslaw.

While lobster is such a staple in New England, why not enjoy a regional beer to pair with this meal?  MAINE BEER COMPANY “WOODS AND WATERS” INDIA PALE ALE was brewed to commemorate the establishment of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument located in central Maine. This small batch beer incorporates Maine-grown barley and wheat, along with generous amounts of hops with flavors and aromas of pine and citrus, reminiscent of the outdoors. This refreshing pint size beer will help wash down your lunch, with a little left over to savor as your dessert.



Enjoy these delectable lunch options and libations knowing that you are being fed by the hands of the community who are grateful for your patronage.  Please remember to dispose of your trash and recycle your beverage containers accordingly to help keep our beautiful island clean.  Cheers to Summer!