Pint Size Picnic Selections | Single Servings Made Easy

April 23, 2020

Let’s be honest, social drinking these days is not the same as it used to be.

You are either looking at your friends through a computer screen and acting like you are drinking together, trying not to drink the entire bottle of wine by yourself that you opened on what was previously considered a ‘school night,’ or yelling (cheers-ing?) at your neighbors across the yard while seated in your own lawn chair.

Okay, maybe that last example is still the same as before, but you get the idea here.

Postponed picnics and cancelled parades won’t stop us from celebrating #ACKDaffy here on Nantucket.   Luckily for you, there are a “handful” (no pun intended) of smaller sized selections for your drinking pleasure during these particular times.


You don’t have to be a surfing legend in order to enjoy the waves of Nantucket. 

Nor do you neeCisco Brewers Pint Break DIPAd to fight the crowds at the local brewery (once they reopen later this summer…) in order to enjoy a tall, cool one after an epic day at the beach.  Their latest and greatest addition to their seasonal line-up of beers celebrating our island’s strong water culture is available now for your enjoyment.

While CISCO BREWERS PINT BREAK DOUBLE IPA may be big and balanced,  just like when you are riding high on top of the waves at nearby Cisco Beach (or at least in your mind you were is okay, too), it is also perfect for those looking to chill out and just watch the waves pound down against the shoreline.

This hoppy, fruit-forward style Double India Pale Ale is brewed with a blend of Citra, Galaxy, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops that lend fruit-forward nuances while a clean malty backbone that keeps the beer well-balanced and easy-drinking.  This beer is available in pint cans in a four pack box, a new and more convenient style of packaging from our friends at Cisco Brewers.


Cambridge Brewing Company Casual Gods Golden AleWhen you want just one really out-of-this-world beer, look no further than CAMBRIDGE BREWING COMPANY CASUAL GODS Wild Golden Ale.  This barrel fermented beauty is made with experimental sur lie (on the yeast) aging and bâtonnage (stirring of said yeast) techniques, akin to the winemaking processes used for the finest of wines from Burgundy, France.

The beer is bone-dry on the palate with bright fruit notes.  Enjoy a classic Brett farmhouse flavor.  You will also discover plenty of oak wine barrel character on the finish. This galactic offering comes in a single 375 ml glass bottle with a cork closure similar to a sparkling wine, no tools needed to open!  Wine drinkers will be amused and delighted with wine-inspired libation.

(P.S. This was one of the specialty beers that was featured at our Beer Dinner celebrating MASS BEER WEEK with The Beet Nantucket in March of this year!)


Two Roads Cloud Sourced Hazy Juicy IPAWith the upcoming single-use plastic ban on Nantucket set to become effective on June 1, 2020, we look for beer options that do not use the traditional connected plastic yoke rings.

With beer production based in a former Sikorsky helicopter factory in Stratford, Connecticut, TWO ROADS CLOUD SOURCED HAZY JUICY IPA has an intense, citrus juiciness balanced with a soft malt core that, as the brand puts it “puts you on Cloud Nine!”

Cloud Sourced is brewed with Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Simcoe, Chinook, and Citra hops.  No need to worry though, as there will not be a quiz on this later.

The packaging is an easy to carry six pack design with 12 oz. cans, perfect for storage in your fridge or favorite beer cooler.




Triple Eight Nantucket Cran Vodka SodaThe best part of the current trend in the ready to drink category of beverages is the offering of canned cocktails.

It is no longer necessary to have three, four, or more ingredients on hand (not including the garnish!) in order to get a decent drink in your hand.

Enter TRIPLE EIGHT NANTUCKET CRAN.  Nantucket Craft Cocktails made simple, this Cranberry Vodka Soda combines Triple Eight Vodka with Natural Cranberry & Lemon flavors & Carbonation.  Vodka, soda, close it.  (Wow – did I really just use that?!)

FYI – there is also a blueberry flavor available, however they don’t mix and match in the 4 pack box of 12 oz. cans.



No matter how you choose to “tailgate” while enjoying the plethora of daffodils on cue this weekend, these PINT size choices that are Portable, Individual, No Plastic, and Time Hack Savers will be sure to keep you at a distance with your single size serving beverage.