Holiday Moments Made Merry

Holiday Moments Made Merry

October 31, 2018

If I could show you how easy it is to be properly prepared for a memorable holiday moment, would you be interested in knowing more?

For someone who is a social butterfly and always inviting friends over last moment, this may seem like an easy feat.  You have to ask yourself, however, just how well did you pull off your last impromptu gathering?  We aren’t talking about putting out slightly stale crackers and a block of cheese that is glowing the same orange/yellow hue as a well-known Champagne brand.

Creating new holiday traditions that will be remembered (positively) for years to come doesn’t have to be as challenging as driving across town on Nantucket in the summertime traffic.  Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzieoffers a unique spin on entertaining during the last quarter of the year that will make your fancy féte, no matter how large or small, stand out among all the other invites this season.


Twine Unscented CandleMood lighting, ambiance… both of these can be accomplished with the strike of a match.  Having a fresh candle on hand to light when your guests arrive is like the cutting of a red ribbon when a new business opens. Hello, and come on in for some festive fun! The glow of the candlelight will make everything seem more exotic. Don’t waste your time on tiny votives that won’t stay lit and only offer a spec of décor.  Go for a pint-sized candle that provides a rustic elegance and while adding to your perfect scenario.

Best to have on hand an UPCYCLED WINE BOTTLE UNSCENTED CANDLE.  Sans scent means that while the candle will glow brightly and provide you the heart-warming feeling you are looking for, it will not overpower the other sensory/scent-ory elements of your perfect gathering.  This candle is a less conventional take on the average wine bottle, with the container being repurposed to create a candle with a deep translucent green hue that will cast impressive silhouettes and shadows.  When lit, it will stay aglow for over 48 hours of burn time, making it the ultimate accessory for a soirée that ends up lasting all weekend long!  Grab a few extra, they are easy gifts to have on hand for any hostess.


Calvisius White Sturgeon Tradition CaviarNever had caviar before? Well, your time has come to open a canister and try it!  Caviar is a delicacy consisting of salt-cured roe.  Historically, the term caviar refers to only roe from the wild sturgeon of the Caspian and Black Sea.  No need to break your holiday budget here and since this may be your first caviar endeavor, it is best to ease into this with a little bit of understanding as to what you are eating and also the best way to enjoy it.

CALVISIUS CAVIAR WHITE STURGEON TRADITIONAL is extracted from the White Sturgeon, a native species of the Pacific Ocean and found in the North American West Coast, from Alaska to Southern California, and also referred to as California White Sturgeon.  High in protein, this lean fish is particularly refined and so is its exquisite large roe.  The color varies between dark grey to black in color.  The taste has delicate nuances of the sea with light, buttery flavors of pastry.  Best to invest in a small tub of Vermont Creamery crème frâiche, small French blinis (or a bag of potato chips with no flavoring), and a lovely Mother of Pearl spoon in which to enjoy your delicacy.  Note: Caviar absorbs flavors of metal, so use your own fingers before using a metal spoon here.


Pere Mata Cava Brut NatureHands down, sparkling wine means celebration. It is sprayed on the winning team in Major League Baseball’s World Series.  Bottles are dutifully sacrificed when christening the bow of a new boat. Toasts are made and bubby consumed at weddings, funerals, baptisms and other momentous occasions.  Cava, a sparkling wine from Spain made in the same méthode traditionelle as the Holy Grail from Champagne, is a superb choice for a holiday entertaining.

PERE MATA CAVA “CUPADA No. 19” BRUT NATURE 2015 hails from the town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia in the heart of the Penedès, Catalunya region located south of Barcelona.  While the winery name is officially Mata I Coloma, the eponymous winemaker has his name on every label.  The wine is organic and all processed by hand by the man.  It is made from a blend of the classic grape varieties of the area: Xarello, Macabeu and Parellada.  He is not intending to make something that resembles Champagne, but more so the ultimate best of what his terroir can offer for a bubbly good time.  The care and finesse that goes into each and every single bottle that he produces is above and beyond and makes you want to drink something so handcrafted and thoughtfully produced. Fresh, bright clean, citrus on the nose with a slight bready quality, followed by complex fruit component with a dry finish.  The memorable label and the splendor tasting of this Cava will no doubt make a long, lasting festive holiday impression.

This sage holiday entertaining advice is worthy of attention not just for those who entertain on a revolving door basis, but also for those who do not invite your posse over often (or if at all) for whatever reason.  Remember, your goal here is to make the holiday memorable, for the right reasons, and for you to enjoy making it all happen!



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