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Gifts That Keep on Giving

The holiday season is about the joy of giving.  This could mean offering the generosity of your time, providing much-needed funds for your favorite charity, or giving a most-thoughtful gift that has the recipient thinking fondly of you every time they see it.  Your gift list is long and varied, and it never seems that one has enough time to get everything done before the big day – even though we know it is coming the same time every year.  To help ease the pain and frustration of what to get for those on your list who you really want to make in impression, here is a quick list of recommendations for a present that will keep on giving. Owning and using a wine decanter can enhance your life and drinking pleasures like no other beverage accessory on Earth.   Here is just a sample of the numerous opportunities that this one multi-purpose gadget can offer you that will make an...Read More >

Caviar, Cheese + More! Holiday Pre-Order

Attention all of you Grateful People who will be joyfully celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday on our beautiful island (after the Nantucket Atheneum’s Annual Turkey Plunge, of course).   We all know that there will be plenty of food – and beverage – to be had that weekend. Someone spends all day roasting the turkey, preparing decades old family recipes for nostalgic side dishes, and look out pumpkin pie! Whether you are in charge of bringing delicious, easy snacks for pre-gaming (read: don’t expect any precious room in the oven), the hostess with most-ess who wants to ensure you don’t add anything else to your to do list, or were just raised better than to show up empty handed when invited to someone’s home, then you should keep reading. No one needs the added stress of figuring out what to bring to a party. Who wants to waste their precious time running around the store trying to find the perfect combination...Read More >

Holiday Moments Made Merry

If I could show you how easy it is to be properly prepared for a memorable holiday moment, would you be interested in knowing more? For someone who is a social butterfly and always inviting friends over last moment, this may seem like an easy feat.  You have to ask yourself, however, just how well did you pull off your last impromptu gathering?  We aren’t talking about putting out slightly stale crackers and a block of cheese that is glowing the same orange/yellow hue as a well-known Champagne brand. Creating new holiday traditions that will be remembered (positively) for years to come doesn’t have to be as challenging as driving across town on Nantucket in the summertime traffic.  Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzieoffers a unique spin on entertaining during the last quarter of the year that will make your fancy féte, no matter how large or small, stand out among all the other invites this season. LUMINOUS LIGHT Mood lighting, ambiance…...Read More >

Widows & Wine: The Petticoat Row of Champagne

As you leisurely stroll down the cobblestone streets of Nantucket, one can only imagine what it was like during the life and times of the historic whaling days of the 19th century. A plethora of stores owned, managed and operated by women is not new to our island. This is evidenced by the history of the so-called “Petticoat Row” business area where many of the businesses on Centre Street between Main Street and Broad Street were established and ran by female proprietresses back in the day. Some might say that the Petticoat Row of Nantucket was a result of the need for survival. While men were out ‘on the whale,’ the women left behind needed to make a wage to support their families, but also create a financial security in the off chance that their husbands had an unprofitable voyage or, graver yet, the ill-fated were lost at sea. This opportunity offered the women a sense of community where they...Read More >