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Uncommon Gifts for a Spirited Holiday Season

The holidays come the same time every year, yet we struggle as to what to give our nearest and dearest and, of course, we always wait until last minute. You shop online and pay for expedited shipping in order for the gift to arrive in a timely fashion. You don’t really like the gift you finally decided to give, but you had to get something. You had to pay extra for gift wrapping since you never saw or touched the present you purchased. This doesn’t sound like much of holiday cheer.  I hope you were at least listening to Christmas music (with a glass of wine in hand) while you were late night binge shopping to make your holiday shopping situation somewhat tolerable. Do you want to know how to eliminate this painful process of what should be a merry moment in gift giving? Do you want to feel like you got your money’s worth instead of feeling like you...Read More >

BONUS Wine Fest Excursions to Explore

BONUS WINE FEST EXCURSIONS TO EXPLORE With so many activities to choose from during Nantucket Wine Fest weekend, it is sometimes hard to narrow down your choices as to what events to attend. Pre-planning your weekend to best allocate your time is wise in order to maximize your total wine exposure. Here are a few highlights (and helpful hints) to ensure you make the most of it without overwhelming yourself or missing out on must-attend tastings. LUMINARIES POSING AS SOMMELIERS – THE FRIDAY NIGHT HUSSLE These distinguished luminaries may not be working floor Sommeliers in the real world, but they get to play the role during Wine Fest weekend on Nantucket! In order to add a little twist of the corkscrew to this weekend’s festivities, Proprietors Bar & Table, located in the heart of Nantucket’s downtown on India Street, annually invites a few of their wine friends to lend a hand during dinner service. There happen to be two honorees...Read More >

How Sweet It Is: Chocolate & Wine

You love finding the time to curl up on your beach blanket under your wide brimmed sun hat and reading a good book purchased from your local bookstore. Later in the week, you will enjoy the social aspects of your book club gathering that may discuss your latest read under the sun, but more importantly revolves around the wines you choose to toast and share with each other during such a jolly occasion. Taking it to the next level to create a perfect trifecta would be including another decadence that almost every person (but not absolutely everyone) has a fondness for – chocolate. On tasting wine & chocolate together: There are a handful of key points to make the most of your chocolate and wine experience. First and foremost, keep an open mind about what it is you are sampling when it comes to the chocolate or the wine. Think about the structure of the chocolate, which includes the texture,...Read More >