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Craft Beer Craze

Ever wonder what exactly is a craft beer? Why are some of these beers so hard to get? And what’s up with all the funny names and labels on the cans anyway? Now is a great time to be an adventurous beer drinker in the United States. While Americans are drinking less beer than even a few years ago, we are drinking better products that quench our thirst in more ways than one. A craft (or micro) brewery produces small amounts of beer and is typically independently owned by the brewer and perhaps a few investors, unlike the big beer houses that are mass-produced and owned by a corporation. Many of the smaller breweries begin as a side project in someone’s basement or garage with an emphasis on quality, flavor and brewing technique, and eventually grow their experience and exploration into a bigger space. Craft brews have made themselves approachable enough with their fun names and cartoon like labels. Their...Read More >

Crazy for Craft Canned Beer

Life is full of choices these days, including the selection of exciting, tasty canned beers currently available on the market. With the rise of numerous micro-brews across the United States in every region, along with consumers demand to make these new beverage offerings fun, whimsical and more accessible, it is easier than ever to find your own hoppy happiness in a vast variety of styles and sizes in a beach friendly version. What this means for you is that your beach cooler won’t be as heavy as it once was filled with glass bottles, your beer will chill much faster coming from a can and several of these beer offerings are now available in a more convenient 4-pack (versus a serious commitment of six) when trying out something new for your liking. Not sure where to get started on this new beer adventure? Here is a quick list of small-town brew heros worthy of your attention. WORMTOWN ‘BE HOPPY’ This...Read More >

Daffodil Picnic Épernay Essentials

Whether you are trekking to ‘Sconset for the Ultimate Daffy Lounge or heading for some family entertainment in the Brant Point neighborhood, the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce’s annual Daffodil Festival Weekend is host to an array of activities for enjoyment by all ages. Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzie offers a peek into what you should have packed in your picnic basket, no matter where the party might lead you.   Bottle of Bubbly The entire island is covered with a plethora of picturesque, brilliant daffodil blooms. What better way to celebrate this sign that spring has arrived (and winter is over!) than with a bottle of bubbly? Champagne Veuve Clicquot easily flows like water through the cobblestones of downtown Nantucket this time of year. Consumers can identify this bottle by its brightly colored, trademarked ‘Yellow Label.’ Keep yours chilled and fashionable at the same time by receiving a FREE matching Champagne Bottle Cover with the purchase of any bottle of...Read More >