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Football & Wine Picks

There are those who live and die by the game of football, and then there are those who enjoy everything else about the game.  Creating new traditions and long-lasting memories by tailgating with friends and family, trying out the latest and greatest of lip-smacking snack food recipes, showing your utmost team spirit by donning your colorful game-day uniform, and ultimately spreading good cheer and being a good sports-person no matter what the outcome of the game. All of this hard work, either by the host providing such an experience or attendees cheering on the game, is sure to draw up a thirst that needs to be quenched.  Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzie offers us a quick list of “First and Ten” wines that will not only be game day crowd-pleasers, but also leave room in your pocket to do it all over again next weekend! THE AWAY TEAM In the division of West Coast wines from the United States, Washington State is...Read More >

Red, White, & Rosé

RED, WHITE AND ROSÉ: SIPS OF SUMMER WINE SELECTIONS Warmer temperatures, longer beach days and refreshingly chilled wines. Summer is just around the corner, as well as transitioning to easy drinking, every day style wines that are light on the palate and the pocket. Summer entertaining, whether at Cisco Beach or your own backyard bbq, doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. The best value wines for summer sipping are often times not your usual grape varietal suspects, or at least not from typical wine regions that are foremost in your mind. No need to be concerned about making the wrong selection in this category, however, as Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzie offers a quick list of wines worthy of your attention this time of year.   RED, RED WINE (THINK UB40) Keeping with the spirit of this aptly named song, forget about heavy tannic, full-bodied red wines for now. Concentrate on red grape varietals that have a thinner skin and...Read More >

Simply Sangria

While you can make this tasty beverage really anytime of the year, it is often thought of as an amazing summer treat.  Chilled red wine, stocked with a ton of fresh fruit, perhaps with a little effervescence, and you, my friend, are ready for the next fiesta. Here are a few tried and true Sangria recipes for you to try. Not sure which one will become your favorite, go-to new family recipe?  As my friend Jeff likes to say, the best way to find out is ‘Mix, Pour, Sample – Repeat!‘ Please note that I took the liberty to name the recipes myself that were provided to me in order to differentiate them.  Sangria South Florida Style – from Christine Najac, South Florida Gourmet 3 C dry red wine (such as Steelhead Pinot Noir)1.5 C Christian Brothers Brandy 1/4 C Bols Triple Sec 1 orange (sliced) 1 pint raspberries 1 pint strawberries handful each of green and red grapes 1...Read More >