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Best Reds for BBQ: All American Style

Summertime is finally here and while you are excited to be grilling on your new Weber, the precious sun-filled days on Nantucket are oftentimes better spent not having to cook (or clean up) for yourself. With the abundance of culinary destinations that this small island has to offer, this gives you the opportunity to stay at the beach a little longer, cast your line in the surf a few mores times or just relax by reading the new murder mystery book recently launched by Nantucket author Elin Hilderbrand. Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzie offers us an insight into some of the best All American BBQ take-out options available on Nantucket, along with the perfect wine pairing to enjoy while licking your fingers cleans instead of having to do the dishes. _____ ANNYE-body who is hungry will agree that Annye Camara of her eponymous Annye’s Whole Foods is THE go-to for healthy eating and lifestyle on Nantucket Island. Working with her in...Read More >

Portable Rosé: Drinking Pink the Easy Way

This week marks the first days of Summer.  Rosé wine has become all the rage in the past few years – the bigger the bottle, the more exciting life can be! Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzie of Épernay Wine & Spirits offers you a handful of rosé alternatives that are quick and easy to drink on the go for just a splash of Nantucket’s favorite sip of summer. RUZA ROSÉ IN A CAN 2016 (Lodi, California) RTD. Ready to Drink. This vintage dated rosé wine found in a can is a fresh, modern alternative to the popular Provençal rosés seen in Govino glasses everywhere on Nantucket beaches. The grapes that are harvested and used to make Ruza Rosé are ‘thoughtfully-farmed,’ meaning they are grown specifically for rosé wine production. These aren’t just grapes leftover from red wine production and not just a blend of red and white grapes together to get the perfect pink color. The grapes are picked early in...Read More >

What TO DRINK When you get TO-GO

WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DRINKING WITH YOUR TO-GO Productivity. Making the most of your day. The same is true whether putting time in at the dreary office or (even better) on the beautiful sandy beaches of Nantucket. While you may have your list of ACKtivities to accomplish while on here on island, you also want to make sure you get the most out of your planned relaxation time as well. The sun is brightly shining, not a whisper of a cloud in the sky and the last thing you want to do is concern yourself with taking precious time out of your day to fight the traffic and crowds at the market, much less prepare or cook food, when you could be at the beach. Fortunately, Nantucket has an abundance of fabulous eateries that offer you tasty options without actually having to dine at a restaurant. And what better way to enjoy this take-out food than with the perfect wine...Read More >