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Sun’s Out Rum’s Out

Summer is in full swing and so are the cocktail soirées. Whether you are meeting up with friends who have just arrived on island, après la plage with the family or cocktails and sunset before dinner, there isn’t a lack of excuses to partake and enjoy a refreshing cocktail concoction. Since it is summer and the sun happens to be out, no better time to also bring the rum out! Rum is synonymous with island living. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be an island full of palm trees in order to take advantage of the benefits of rum drinking, but an island that just happens to be surrounded by water with a culture of sun, sand, surf and sometimes a little sailing, fishing or other various watersports. The summertime kick-off Figawi race, held annually on Memorial Day weekend, is a boat race from Hyannis to Nantucket. A prized possession of the top sailors is the distinctive and...Read More >

National Orange Juice Day

Not Just for Breakfast Anymore Having lived in the year-round warm weather of Florida for several years, I got more than a taste of what a significant difference there is between freshly squeezed orange juice and the kind my mother used to defrost from concentrate. She would whip it up with a handful of ice in the blender and serve it in a wine glass at Sunday Brunch as a well-gestured attempt to make an Orange Julius. Taking this example into the world of cocktails (and cooking), we know that using the best ingredients in a drink recipe can make your libation a slam-dunk when it comes to impressing your guests. In honor of National Orange Juice Day, grab yourself the best fresh-squeezed OJ you can find (I highly recommend Natalie’s Orchard Island Juice Company’s 100% Florida Orang Juice) and have fun as you experiment with these concoctions while getting your daily dose of Vitamin C. Mimosa of Champions Chances...Read More >

Simply Sangria

While you can make this tasty beverage really anytime of the year, it is often thought of as an amazing summer treat.  Chilled red wine, stocked with a ton of fresh fruit, perhaps with a little effervescence, and you, my friend, are ready for the next fiesta. Here are a few tried and true Sangria recipes for you to try. Not sure which one will become your favorite, go-to new family recipe?  As my friend Jeff likes to say, the best way to find out is ‘Mix, Pour, Sample – Repeat!‘ Please note that I took the liberty to name the recipes myself that were provided to me in order to differentiate them.  Sangria South Florida Style – from Christine Najac, South Florida Gourmet 3 C dry red wine (such as Steelhead Pinot Noir)1.5 C Christian Brothers Brandy 1/4 C Bols Triple Sec 1 orange (sliced) 1 pint raspberries 1 pint strawberries handful each of green and red grapes 1...Read More >